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Having gained several skills ourselves over the years we have the knowledge to pass these on to other people.

Our principle partner has been formally trained as a trainer and regularly presents training sessions, to students aged from 5 - 95 and from school child to Bishop.

Many of these have been in his voluntary capacity as a Youth Worker and include expedition training for Duke of Edinburgh Award, Mountaineering and Rock Climbing, Craft Activities and Christian Education. To Adults he lectures in Youth Leadership and on techniques of Worship Leadership to fellow Preachers, trainee Worship Leaders or even experianced Vicars.

Professionally, he has trained staff in the use of comperterised systems and accountancy techniques.

If you have a training need ask us - we may be able to help.

The services we can offer include: -

  • Design of Training Course.
  • Prepartion of sylabus and schemes of work.
  • Selection of Tutors - if not ourselves.
    we are clever but also clever enough to also know when others have more knowledge!
  • Admistration of Course. This could include: -
    • Seeking suitable venue.
    • Preparing Advertising, Recruitment and Training materials.
    • Booking Tutors, AVA Equipment, Catering etc
    • Running the booking system with associated financial records.
    • Maintaining Attendance Records and general administration of course.
    • Running associated Social event.
    • Review of completed course.
  • Delivery of Training Sessions
    In those subjects which we are oursleves expert we would anticipate being able to deliver a major part of the course. This could be at any of the following levels;-
    • Individual Tution
    • Small Groups
    • Class Sized i.e. upto 25 people
    • Lecture - so far the maxium audiance we have spoken to is over 300, so we doubt if your audiance could daunt us!

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