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Our principle partner justifyably claims to be one of the more experianced builders of spreadsheets in the UK, having started some 27 years ago with one of the first 100 or so copies of Lotus 123 imported into the country.

He has now lost count of the number of spreadsheets he has built.

Building an Excel Spreadsheet is easy!

True if you only want to work out a simple analysis.

  • But, what if you want to start to put conditions on on the analysis or if parameters change at different values?
    How good are you at "nested if" formulas?
  • Do you use this spreadsheet to analysise several months of information / activites at different locations / different peoples results / production or sales units? A combination of all these?
  • Can you build multi sheet workbooks?
  • Use Pivot Tables?
  • Does some of your data take the form of fixed data and then used in other work sheets.
    How good are you at "lookups"?
  • Do you repeat actions so frequently you get tired of going through the routines of deleting old data and entering new, or even just bored with repeating a print sequence.
    Would you like to automate it using VBa?

All these and many other tricks with Excel are second nature to me so why waste your time trying to find out how to do them from the "help".

Oh, please don't rely on the "wizards" they don't do everthing you want!

Why not use my services to do this work whilst you get on with running your business?


  • If you have a problem which needs a spreadsheet built - contact us.
  • If you have a spreadsheet which does not do as you want - contact us
  • If you want to automate your use of Spreadsheets but cannot fathom the intricies of VBa - contact us.

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