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Our Principal Partner trained and worked as a Management Accountant for over 20 years. He worked alongside operational staff interpreting for them the financial consequeces of their actions, and occasionally finding himself actually doing the work, even if only driving the delivery vehicle - to Holland!

In due course he rose to the most senior of positions until he was lurded into the realms of Systems Accountancy. Thus a career path which focused on IT and the setting up of Computer Based Accounting Systems.

Subsequent challenges resulted working in Project Mangement, where skills learnt in earlier Accountancy posts have been married to IT skills and often other skills such as electronic engineering.

These posts brought him into contact with other senior members of staff, critical suppliers and important customers. A need to be dipolmatic and patience were skills in as much demand as any technical accounting knowledge.

So we are able to offer you a variety of skills and services in the setting up, and running of accounts for your firm. In particular assist in the choice and installation of computerised accounting systems of any size.

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