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The principal partner in Downs Associates is Michael Jakins. His career has given him a wealth of experiance in a number of fields and an ability to undertake new projects.

After more than 20 years in management accountancy for a number of companies, some of international significance, the need to introduce new computer technology and the emergence of desktop computing drew Michael into IT and then into Project Management and Planning roles.

As a Project Planner / Manager these roles have been in a number of industries, commerce and goverment departments. Drawing on Michael's ability to understand scientific, technical and engineering concepts translating them into workstreams and co-ordination of effort. A lay understanding of a concept he has found to often be more relvant to achieving an overall balance of effort than any particular specialist knowledge although for some jobs he has been able to apply his own expertise in the practical design of a solution.

Stress is not a word he associates with his work or lifestyle. Pressure to complete a task by due time is a stimulus to work out a solution. As many of his tasks involve preparing for events which have start times deterimed by a "curtain up" he is well used to making sure "the show goes on" and finding solutions is just part of the job.

Whilst he is happy contending with the demands of multimillion pound projects spanning a variety of tasks which may attract wide publicity particlalry if they fail he equally revels in the smaller local project which brings a solution to small firm, organisation or local community.


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